Lobster Spill

Travel on the Harbour Bridge in Saint John was reduced to one lane in both directions Thursday morning due to an accident Wednesday night involving a tractor-trailer filled with live lobster.

Nobody was injured, but tens of thousands of lobsters were spilled onto the bridge from the trailer.

Cecil McCavour, whose parents operate Whitetail Fisheries Inc./Lorneville Lobster Shop, happened to be crossing the bridge when he saw the truck tipped over and noticed the lobster crates.

He didn’t know whose lobster truck it was, but rushed home to tell his parents.

“And we said, ‘Let’s try to see if we can help out,” said mother Karen McCavour.

“So we went back to the accident and spoke to the truck driver to call the people that own the lobster to see if we could assist in getting the lobsters out of the weather and see what we could save,” she said.

The McCavours made multiple trips between the accident scene and their lobster pound on the city’s west side to put as many lobsters as they could in water.

The lobsters were subsequently loaded onto a new transport trailer at the Lorneville Recreation Centre.

“We started around 1 a.m. and we just finished up now,” Cecil McCavour said around noon.

He said the estimated 40,000 pounds of lobster was from Yarmouth, N.S., and was destined for Boston.

“We tried to salvage what we could of it, but we believe at least one-third of it is dead.”

The lobsters are now headed to a processing facility in Maine to see which ones can still be sold.